Evolution Of Interior Designing Over The Years
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Interior designing is the art and science of the enhancement of any interior space that ensures the achievement of an aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user. It emphasizes on taking care of the health, safety and well-being of the occupant.  

Some may say that interior designing came into existence just over a century ago. This is actually not true. Interior designing has actually been around since people realized the importance of furnitures at their homes.

Pre-historic Era

The evolution of interior designing began in the prehistoric era. The evidences that have been acquired show the use of wall painting in the caves that were found. These paintings usually consisted of simple drawings of plants, animals and even humans.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians were the ones who were often given the credit for the birth of interior designing. They introduced the concept of using animal skin as a decorating element for their furniture. The difference between the rich and the poor could easily been seen as well. Where the rich used gold ornaments, the poor used murals, sculptures and painted vases as decorating agents.

Roman and the Greek civilizations

The Roman and the Greek civilizations then started adapting the Egyptian art of accessorizing and interior designing. Both of these cultures introduced and celebrated civic pride by domed rooftops for a public building. At their homes they used Greek wooden furniture that were engraved with ivory and silver ornaments.  Romans and Greeks also used mosaic flooring, wall paintings and even frescoes that helped in the beautification of their homes.

Gothic Styles

After the demise of interior designing during the dark ages, decoratives ornaments and colors were introduced for comfort. In the 12th century the Gothic styles were noted for the use of open interior spaces and huge window panes for light.

Modern-mid Century

1940s was the prevailing time of the World War II due to which, the trends of designing started shifting more towards comfort. In the 1950s, the concentration increased  on having clean lines and minimalism while including color selections such as pastel pink or blue. Later in the 1960s came the era of shag rugs, pop art, and green, yellow and orange hues with dark wood and molded plastic furniture.

The 20th Century

20th century brought the increase in awareness about interior designing. During this era, the use of bold highlighting elements took place. The use of big windows, metallic, chrome and glass were started being into preferences. Several early designing concepts were still being used as profound elements of interior designing. And with this the evolution still continues to change with time.

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