Top 5 trends of 2018 that will help you transform your Office Environment
Top 5 trends of 2018 that will help you transform your Office Environment by MRA Design / with 0 comments

Today, we need office spaces that fit right with your business needs helping enhance the performance of those who work within this space. Hence, the design of your office is extremely important. Which is also why the design trends for office spaces are not only constantly changing but also adapting to the progressive demands of a business. The interior design of your office directly affects the ability of your employees to work and to be at their attentive, creative and productive best.

With the new year around the corner, businesses are marching into the future with ideas and concepts for innovating and reinventing the conventional workspace. For instance, connected spaces are going to be prevalent in the office space designs to encourage collaboration and innovation in the organization.

The evolving landscape of the workspace is all about being ahead of the curve and having innovative concepts. For this, one should be familiar with the emerging trends, so explore these trends with us as we help you transform your office environment:

1. Dynamic Spaces

Over the last couple of years, dynamic spaces have emerged as quite a popular design trend. Dynamic office design basically offers a continuous change as they are moveable and constantly engaging and fluctuating. These spaces can be easily transformed into traditional meeting areas or conference rooms and into spaces for company activities and parties. With businesses becoming more flexible, dynamic spaces offer you the opportunity to be creative with your space by using chalk boards, movable green wall dividers and furniture with wheels etc.

2. Biophilic Design

This design trend is on the forefront that follows our innate connection with natural elements. But it goes way beyond a few plants in your office. Biophilic design uses nature as its architectural framework by making use of live plants, natural lighting, textures and patterns. Growing in popularity in metropolitan areas, where nature is not easily attainable, this design is particularly used in  engineering, tech hubs and construction industries.

3. Nature and Minimalism

With the younger generation, minimalistic approach is the ongoing trend that is good for both individuals and the planet. By limiting the “stuff” like extra furniture, there is a lot of space that offers more opportunities. Using the natural materials is also in the trend.

4. Unconventional Workspace

Today’s millennial generation has a preference for unconventional and open spaces having collaborative work environments. This atypical work area design looks like something with a lot of greenery, more room for activities, sofas, vibrant colors and meditation space. More and more offices are adopting these unique and new space designs to attract and retain the young talent.

5. Homestyle Comfort

This sort of design is preferable to every sort of employee which is also a sign that employers are looking for new ways to get their employees stay longer. Homestyle comfort design make your office feel homelike and more comfortable. Bars, restaurants, showers, fireplaces, game rooms and food trucks etc. all come into this design trend. The reason for the popularity of this trend is the growing millennial population and their preference to unconventional and comfortable work environment.

Space saving technology and folding rooms are other trends that will prevail in 2018. Make sure you transform your office environment by designing it as employee friendly in order to get them to be more productive and creative.  To know more about designs for your office environment, get in touch with our experts today!