"My management team asked me to drive the design overhaul of our 1970s-style corporate headquarters.  When our interior designer decided not to take the job, she recommended Paul Terry Edwards and MRA Design. I was inexperienced and in a time-crunch, so I decided to go for it and hoped for the best.  Our renovation is now 95% done and, at this stage, I can say Paul and MRA Design far exceeded my -- and my organization's -- expectations.  Not only did they come in with a smart design aligned with our very tight budget, they guided the process, added value throughout, ensured we made smart purchasing decisions, were fast and responsive, and only brought in the best contractors.  As a result, we are using Paul and MRA Design for a Phase II project to redesign yet another part of our building.  I am pleased we will continue to work with them and would recommend them to anyone seeking truly professional interior design in South Florida."

- Liz DeCastro, Sr. Director, Corporate and Marketing Communications, EMC

“I highly recommend MRA Design. MRA has worked on two projects for my husband and I. We will gladly use them again. MRA smoothly transformed my concepts into reality with professionalism and love.”

Keri Maylath

“Our company is a fast-paced environment, and we need a partner who provides great concepts and drawings with a fast turnaround,” says Clifford Gray, Vice President of Construction at Caché stores.

“MRA has a great design eye, and they pay attention to giving us a store that looks rich and beautiful, but is conscious in terms of costs. That’s very critical in our business.”

Testimonial from Cache
(June 2012)

My husband and I just wanted you to know how happy we are being associated with your interior design firm, MRA Design, Inc.

Our contractor recommended you in the spring of 2009, when we started plans for our Pandora Store in the Town Center at Boca Raton, FL.

There was never one moment, from beginning to end of the project, that we were in any way disappointed!

Your staff was so professional and friendly, and we were very pleased with the price you charged for the job.

We are now, after 5 years, ready to remodel and we are making two phone calls; one to you and one to the contractor! There is no need to "shop around". We are very confident in choosing your firm as our retail store designer.

Looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with MRA Design!

Lorah and Andy Carrie
PANDORA- Boca Town Center, Boca Raton, FL

Our experience with MRA Design was nothing short of extraordinary. From the start of our project thru to the end they were always a pleasure to deal with. They handled all aspects of our construction and decorating and we love how our home turned out.

Today, four years after we moved into our home we still use their services whenever necessary. They are the most efficient, accommodating and full service design firm we have ever used.

Jackie and Jimmy Rosbash
Residential client in Aventura, FL

I am pleased to write in support of MRA Design and specifically for the services received from partners Jeri Rosenthal and Paul Edwards. This company came into my life in May 2015 as a replacement design company.As President of our HOA and tasked with the organization and oversight of our refurbishment project, I found the organization, design and implementation skills of MRA met and exceeded our expectation for the $1.5 million building refurbishment project. This 12 year-old community, (Viliaggio) consists of 538 private homes with a clubhouse of approximately 189000 square feet.

The clubhouse interior was gutted and replaced with carpet, wall coverings, marble the and engineered wood for our dance floor and café, artwork and all new furniture. Jeri's team bid items, negotiated prices, took control and ordered approved items from the MRA account and invoiced our Association based on actual invoices. They kept all vendors on target throughout the entire ten-month process. They provided full specs, pictures, costs, and estimated delivery times. I was kept informed. Jeri negotiated with the warehouse, arranged for and shipping and storage, and the delivery from the storage warehouse to our site. The efficiency in receiving, inspection and installation was beyond my expectation.

In the rare occasion where item was no longer available, Jeri and Paul identified alternatives.

I am extremely proud of the work that was accomplished "on time and within budget" and would share pictures with anyone interested.

Know that these words of support can't possibly demonstrate the confidence that I have for any endeavor that MRA would undertake.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Sandy Goodman