Top 3 trends of 2016 that will help you transform your Office Environment
Top 3 trends of 2016 that will help you transform your Office Environment by MRA Design / with 0 comments

Office is one place where you and your employees spend almost 50% of the day. Maintaining a good Office space and environment boosts employee productivity and motivates them to work better.
No wonder, the design of the furniture and workspace has continued to evolve. Like always, we wish to transform your office into a happier, healthier and more rewarding workplace.

Here are top 3 office designs of 2016 that will help you to get the latest trends at your workplace.

1. Versatile workplace

Nobody likes working on those traditional rows of desk laid out in a straight line. We are not robots, we need to get out of the mundane environment to enhance our creative skills. 2016 has come up with multi-purpose workspaces which creates freshness in the office environment. Comfort of the employee is just not negotiable with the adjustable chairs and tables used in this new trend.

These designs also allow better utilisation of the space as traditionally, what was denoted as say, a meeting room can now be used in multiple ways like common room, waiting room etc. All you have to do is to bring a little change in the old boring interior design.
The designing of the office is done with a motive to keep workplace comfortable and informal for the employees. The designers work on integration of technology and office furniture so that the space is available for multipurpose use. This features serves both the purpose, providing trendy environment to the employees and utilising the resources optimally at minimum costs.

2. Providing required privacy

While it is always a good idea to have a collaborative, open and transparent work environment, but there are times when you need privacy. Open places promotes teamwork, creativity and a fun working environment, but for the time when privacy is required for official work or discussions, employees do need an enclosed private space. To make sure that your office has adequate space for the same, designers have come up with interesting ways by which spaces can be easily transformed into private areas when and where required.

3. Good Material for furniture and accessories


Using long lasting, sustainable and good quality furniture is important for efficient use of resources. Some companies are known for the use of environment friendly decor that makes their identity unique in the corporate world. Few have even incorporated the technique of providing home like comfort in the office for the employees to have an informal and serene work environment.

It's time to break the traditional norms and start moving with the trends. These designs pay emphasis on a balance between the employee’s and the company’s needs, giving flexibility and responsiveness to both of them.

Do you wish to utilise your space well and make your employees happier? Reach out to us and seek ideas and inspiration to transform your workspace.