Exploring the significance of Colors in Interior Designing
Exploring the significance of Colors in Interior Designing by MRA Design / with 0 comments

Colors have an important significance and a deep impact on our behavioural process. When you hire an interior designer to help you paint your interiors, they do not pick random colors. Infact, there is a lot of thought process involved in picking up specific colors for you space.

From the shade of a color to the combinations used with it, each choice has some understanding of human nature attached to it. Each color has a specific significance and interior designers make it a point that your space gets fresh and perfect look with the right color.


After you change the color of your space, you are sure to notice these changes in yourself.

Re-energized Mood

You might be surprised to know that the color of the walls have a great effect on your mood. Replace the white walls with bright colors and you’ll see the difference instantly.

Change of personality

Color of the walls or the furniture also have a great impact on our personality. The colors we choose tell a lot about who we are. Take help of the experts to get the colors for your interiors that balances your personality.

When you wish to choose the colors to paint your workplace or home, keep the following significances in mind.

1. Brown Color:

Also known as the color of earth, brown color is known for the feeling of naturalness, comfort, reliability and stability. It brings depth and warmth to a place. Mostly used for furnitures and floors, this color can be well clubbed with various other color schemes. As the color is neutral, it allows you to bring several combinations in your space.  But be cautious of its overuse, it may result in a dull spaces.

2. Yellow Color:

The brightness of color yellow is very effective in bringing optimism and wisdom to the workspace or your home. It helps in enhancing intelligence and mental abilities of the people. A very interesting feature of this color is that Yellow color stimulates conversations and clarifies the thought process.
Yellow color can be used in different shades at different areas of the room. To bring a little sunshine to your place, apply a pale on the ceiling or any one wall. If you don't want to use it on the walls, you can add accessories or furniture of this color.

3. White Color:

White color has a deep psychological impact when used for interiors. It make your place look refreshed and clean. Using white color also gives your area a spacious look. Many people associate the color with peace and calmness. Using white colors on the walls allows you to play with colors for your furniture and accessories. If you need a fresh and elegant look for your home, you should definitely consider adding white to your interiors.

4. Black Color:

Using black brings boldness to your place and within you. It gives a sophisticated look to your place. Applying a lot of black will give your room a dull look and you may feel low. Use it for frames, art pieces and combine it with other colors to have  an impactful space.

Each color has varied significance and can impact in different ways. Consult specialists to know more about each shade before adding them to your home. You can reach us at any time of query, we are there to help you beautify your home or work space as per your requirements.