Refresh your Kitchen on a Budget
Refresh your Kitchen on a Budget by MRA Design / with 0 comments

Anyone that owns a home is constantly looking for ways to spruce up their home for one
reason or another. A full kitchen remodeling is a large financial undertaking. That does
not mean you have to live with your current kitchen until your financial situation improves.

There are some do-it- yourself projects that can help to transform your current kitchen
into a cozy comfortable haven sooner rather than later. So, put your numbers together and
prioritize the projects you wish to tackle. Even if you have a small budget, you can still
create a fresh looking new kitchen.

Replacing your kitchen cabinet hardware is the simplest and easiest change that you can
make and it will have a huge impact. This change will only take a few minutes. Finding
new pulls and knobs is as easy as going to your local hardware store or home
improvement store. There are many options available.

You can find a good-looking decorative light fixture at any lighting, hardware or home
improvement store. Get rid of the ugly recessed fluorescent light in the middle of the
ceiling. Your fixture does not have to hug the ceiling. Be brave and consider a
chandelier. A new light fixture will brighten up the space and add a decorative element.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the least expensive ways to transform any space in your
home and the kitchen is no exception. Start with the ceiling. Paint it a bright clean white
and the whole room will light up. Your kitchen walls can also use a change. Choose a
color that will blend with the tone of the cabinets and flow into the adjoining rooms. Try
painting the main wall a bold color to make a strong statement.

Replacing an old, scratched sink is easier and cheaper than you might think. There are
several options available in porcelain, stainless steel and acrylic and none will break the
bank. While you are at it, don't forget about updating the faucet.

If you still have money left in your budget, you can consider changing the floors,
changing out counter tops or replacing outdated appliances. Today's kitchen has replaced
the living room as a meeting place for most families these days so why not make it a
nice place to hang out.