Creating your Vision
Creating your Vision by MRA Design / with 0 comments

If you built your home from the ground up then you are one of the lucky one’s that has a home designed exactly to your style and taste. Most of us will purchase or rent a residence that previously belonged to someone else and portrays their taste. You may decide to live with current style such as the blue walls in the kid’s room or you might decide to make a change to the color of the living room walls for the time being. Neither of these solutions is ideal since you are not permitting your own style to find expression in your new home. Just how do you determine your own style?

Have you ever wanted to be a sponge? Well now is your chance. Absorb everything you come into contact with even if it doesn’t seem relevant at the time. Actively seek out inspiration from furniture show rooms, magazines, books, films, TV programs and nature. Start a file in which you can put magazine cuttings of design styles and items that appeal to you. Take photos or buy postcards of places, buildings, furniture, beaches, sunsets… anything that inspires you. Carry a small notebook in which you can sketch ideas.

Remember the colors, sounds and sights of your last vacation. Why did they make you feel happy? How can you use these elements to recreate that contented feeling in your own home? If you stay true to those elements, which gave you a sense of pleasure on your vacation, you will feel the same happiness in your home.

Once you have a wealth of inspiration, you are then ready to pick materials (fabrics, carpeting, draperies, etc) choose colors and buy furniture that fits your style. These are all areas in which an interior designer can be of great help. They can help you review all the
information you have compiled and direct you to the right sources to start in the creation of the special place you can truly call you own.

Always stay open to new influences. Keep your eyes and ears open and try to be open minded. Things that get your attention may be different then what you thought you would like. Your style is something, which will grow as you grow. Your style is part of who you
are. Why not make it part of your home?