Commercial & Hospitality

When comparing interior designers in South Florida, you will see we rise above the rest as your hospitality and commercial interior designer. Our teams varied work is a portfolio of innovations harmonized with inspired solutions. Achieved are hotel, spa and resort properties that communicate a theme and denote relaxation, indulgence and comfort, as well as fine dining restaurants that blend the design and ambiance with the overall culinary experience. Distinguishing spaces flanked by imaginative strategies support the client’s ultimate goals. The team’s design and technical expertise allows for each project, whether local or international, to go beyond the realm of ordinary, creating a visionary experience.

Productivity. Performance. Profitability. At MRA, we base our commercial interior design strategies on these three markers of success. Each custom project is integrated with your company’s specific visions and goals, ensuring a timely and well-rounded, functional design solution that maximizes returns. If you are searching for interior designers in South Florida, a commercial interior designer, or hospitality designer, whatever the proportions of the project at hand, MRA design delivers customized, optimized results.

MRA pushes design excellence and client relations; one that arouses excitement in the industry, the media, and the clients who speak volumes about the service and aesthetics of the firm.