5 Maintenance Tips for Luxury Interior Space
5 Maintenance Tips for Luxury Interior Space by MRA Design / with 0 comments

Buying things is easier than maintaining them. Most of the people who have luxury interiors at their home are often worried about their maintenance. Once you buy stuff, then, there is no way out; you have to keep them in good condition as long as they last!

No doubt, luxury stuffs are comparatively more expensive than the regulars ones. They demand additional maintaining cost. The functional condition and appearance of these stuffs can be considered while cutting the extra cost.

Herein,  I am giving you 5 tips to maintain your luxury stuffs in the best possible way:-

1. Choose the paint color that lasts long

Painting home isn’t an easy task to accomplish! It involves a lot of time, hard work, money etc.  One of the basic mistakes committed by most of the owners is that they get their new house painted.  On the contrary, they should consider entering the house with a fresh coat of paint on walls!  In this process they as don’t go for a paint color which will easily catch dust and get dirty very quickly. Choose the type of colors that don’t point out stains on wall even from far distance. Some colors hide the dirt and stain smoothly because of its nature of color.

2. Hang art at appropriate distance

Place your art at right distance so that it will not get break easily or ruin by some visitors at home . Most of the museum hang their pieces at a distance of 50-60 inches. Which is a perfect angle to see from a normal human eye. Antiques should also be at right place where the chances of it get broken by kid or someone else low even accidently.

3. Don’t be themey

Control your urge of  decorating your interior based on theme. For eg- if you set up your home interior on some theme you like, then if even 1 part of it get damaged accidently.  you will get in trouble as it will become very difficult for you to find particularly one piece that is missing or will cost you much more money than it costed you before in whole set.  

4. Give furniture breathing room

If you place your furniture very closely, giving no free space in between, then there is more chances of your furniture getting its quality reduced in a very little time. Spacing is very much essential to prevent the wooden part to get damaged by any kind of insects and bacteria. This also helps you to keep the dust away from the furniture as you can clean your material easily.


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