4 Interior Design Tips that will get more traffic to your Retail Store
4 Interior Design Tips that will get more traffic to your Retail Store by MRA Design / with 0 comments

Whether you like to believe it, the interior design and layout of your retail store plays a huge part in attracting customers. Although many businesses these days are switching to online services to expand their sales, physical stores play a huge part in maintaining business and increasing sales revenue.


This is true for established businesses as well as newcomers alike. Now, before you wonder if there is no other way than to refurbish the entire store that would essentially cost a lot of money, there is another way! The answer is simply hiring an interior designer!

Before you hire a professional interior designer, it is best that you try to grasp some of the basic tips regarding designing a retail store so that you establish trust with your interior designer.

1. Storefront

Before you start planning the interiors, you should begin to think about the entrance of your store. A luxurious and attractive interior means nothing if the storefront looks mundane. It is afterall the gateway to your retail success.

When someone passes by a store, they judge the entrance and will walk away if the entrance does not impress them. The easiest thing to do, if you don’t want to splurge on the storefront, is to decorate the entrance as per the theme of your store.

If it is a kid’s store, then the stores fixtures and decor should reflect vibrant colors that assimilate with children's product. An apparel store, likewise, should align its presentation to give a suave and classy touch that generates intrigue in your customers.

2. Pathway

By this, I don’t mean placing direction marks on tiled path ways as done in parks and museums. It’s a store, so most of the pathway here would be figurative. The idea behind leading a customer in is to give them a chance to freely move about your store. The interior layout should be arranged in such a way that a person coming in can browse through all your products offered in your store.

They shouldn’t feel lost or limited to certain options  once they’re inside your store.

Leave ample space on the floor to move around while laying out your products on both sides of the floor or wall so that the customer  can browse through them while they walk about. This saves time and increases the likelihood of a customer purchasing something due to the increased variety and options.

3. Right Side Rule

This one is pretty common if you’re an experienced retailer having observed customer behavior once they are inside your store. This study shows that whenever people enter a retail store, they usually turn towards the right side first.

With this knowledge, you readily know which side to focus your products on near the entrance. Make sure you place such products that generates curiosity as well as lures the customer inside to browse deeper.

4. Strategic Placement

Inside a retail store, there are usually  several aisles and galleries showcasing your products. However, in order to hold the attention of a browsing customer, you need to place your products strategically. More specifically, focus on the areas of the store where people have a lot of footfall or often cross over during their browsing.

Place some discount and seasonal offers or sale products that attract attention and help people to dive deep into consumer psychology. If you excel in strategic product placement then it is sure to reflect in your revenue when you tally your balance sheet.

These are some of the most important areas that you can focus on as a retail store owner to improve your sales. It is recommended to consult a professional interior design firm or individual to get the best results for your store. They have the necessary experience and are adept at bringing out the best in your interior design.

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